Sunday, December 6, 2009

Maurita | Portrait Session

My gorgeous sister-in-law...hope you like them, Maurita!

Tal :)

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Marianne Kaliel said...

This is proof positive that it really is a small world :) I found your blog through Becky Higgins' Blog and her Big Photo Giveaway. I love your blog, - I too love all things pink, glittery and beautiful and have been enjoying reading all of your posts. Speaking of things beautiful I came across the pictures of Maurita who I have had the pleasure of meeting in Grande Prairie. I met her through my girlfriend Carey and through her beautiful tutus and flowers (did I mention I love all things girly, pretty, sparkly...and flowers...don't even get me started). How nice to come across someone I know on a blog - what a great surprise - and such a sweet person - feel lucky to know her. Your photos are beautiful and your girls are so pretty. Talent obviously runs in the family :) Keep well.