Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the henke's | family session

Meet the Henke's! I got to photograph this gorgeous family at the beginning of June and they've been patiently waiting for their pictures since then. We had so much fun, and they were very casual and relaxed which made my job easy! Janna and her husband have worked really hard at losing weight and getting into shape over the past year, and I have to say, they look pretty darn good! Congrats, guys!!

Beautiful girl...

...and what a cutie!

Thanks for the wonderful evening, I hope you like your photos!!



Janna said...

talia, thank you so much for a wonderful session... i couldn't be happier:) from all of us <3 henkes


Heidi Gehmlich said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos Talia! They turned out perfectly. What a cute family you have Janna!!

Steve and Alli said...

K, this Janna lady looks like she's maybe 20? If this is the result that your photos produce, please come take my picture!

Talia said...

Haha, thanks Allison!