Sunday, August 1, 2010

payton, gabby & kherington | children's session

So the other night I dragged out my husband and kids to get some long-overdue pictures of the girls. I feel like with our move and all the other shoots I've been doing I kinda forget to take pictures of my own kids sometimes! So I had to a post some of my faves...and because these girlies are mine, there were alot of faves, let me tell ya!

Okay, I am literally all packed up to go down to Montana for family is waiting, but I had to get these pictures up before we go! Here's to a few more weeks of summer!!!



jessica said...

they are beautiful!! gorgeous pics and gorgeous girls! I love their little skirts!!

where did you go? it looks like a great place!

Kristi said...

Your work is incredible! and your girls are absolutley beautiful!! was just curious where do you get all there cute hairpieces?? (flowers,bows,bands,ribbons,etc.)???

Lindsay Bateman said...

oh those photos are sooooo gave me goosebumps. such beautiful girls! did you happen to make those hair pieces yourself? they are incredible...especially paytons!

Kim said...

beautiful girls!! Great pictures :) Give them all kisses for me!